DJ Gilly Gonzalves

Gilly Gonzales, the no. 1 Dj of Surinam started his musical career when he left the Caribbean and moved to Amsterdam. At age 15 he was inspired by his uncle’s Dj career and he soon started playing at local party’s with vinyl. After many private party’s he made his entrance in the Amsterdam club scene performing as Dj Gilly.

He took Dj-ing to the next level after winning an international Dj contest representing Suriname and started to perform throughout Europe and the Caribbean. During this period he was featured in many line-ups with Dj Chuckie and the Partysquad, the “new generation” of Dj’s. His Caribbean roots made him a one of a kind Dj, always playing different styles of music in his sets such as: r&b, hip-hop, bubbling, dancehall, soca, reggaeton, latin & 2 step. While performing in a high-class nightclub in The Hague the local event promoter noticed his fast skills and gave him a nickname: Gilly Gonzales.

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