Berima Amo

Berima amo
Berima Amo, Singer, trumpet player, composer & arranger, is the embodiment of everything African world music represents. As a child music prodigy, he started performing on big stages at the tender age of 7 years, even playing for presidents that visited Ghana with the well known John Teye Band. His first European tour was at age 12.

Berima Amo has been called one of the rising stars of the African world music genre. What he does very well is blend his local highlife music (West African funk) with soul, jazz and blues with some heavy rhythms of course. Basically if Osibisa band, Hugh Masekela & Fela had a brain child, that child will be Berima Amo, because his music encompasses these three musical giants so well. He was actually mentored by the great Teddy Osei, founder/leader of the Osibisa band.

Berima Amo is also an accomplished music producer with hits in the Carribean, Suriname and West Africa. He was nominated for “Best Music Producer” in the AGMMA Awards held yearly in London. As part of the 50 years celebration of Bijlmer Amsterdam, Berima Amo was selected for a photo exhibition showcasing some of the most influential musicians in Amsterdam.

On stage, Berima Amo and his band are exciting to watch and listen to. The bands energy, passion for music, dancing and having fun comes through. World music is no longer a niche music, but can be described as the ”sound of our time”:

Like Berima often says “Where there’s music there’s love!

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